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Laura Schultis is an Argentinian artist who has been based in Berlin since 2019. Her artistic career began in her native country, where she studied choreographic composition at the Universidad Nacional de Arte de Buenos Aires and completed a three-year training as a contemporary dance performer at EPB, Escuela Profesional de Bailarines.
In Argentina, Laura excelled as a dancer and choreographer in various projects and performances at national level. Since her arrival in Berlin, Laura has been investigating new forms of movement and scene composition.
Currently, her artistic practice focuses on collaborating with other artists as well as developing her own artistic research projects. Laura has worked as a choreographic assistant to the renowned choreographer Maria Colusi and has also performed at music and arts festivals in Germany. She also develops her own projects and creative interests with the collective "Deriva's".
In her work as a performer, Laura is interested in exploring the different proposals of choreographers and immersing herself in their worlds of research and creation in order to enrich her technical and expressive possibilities.
As a choreographer, Laura seeks to address socio-political issues through the body and the stage, focusing on themes such as multiculturalism, migration and environmental issues. In her work, she is also interested in a transdisciplinary approach to explore the aesthetic and visual possibilities related to stage and movement, creating unique situations and images.

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